Solar Energy As A Solution

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, offered his technology of solar panels to recover the network in these first moments. The entrepreneur is also the owner of SolarCity, a subsidiary company specializing in solar energy.

At the beginning of October, Musk promised that he could recover the electricity infrastructure if they let him use his solar technology. SolarCity had previously managed to disconnect islands from the conventional electricity grid, installing panels and batteries to make solar energy first instantaneously become electricity and also, in case they run out of sunlight, to have energy Stored for at least three days. The islands of Samoa where they have implanted it are smaller, but Musk is convinced that the project can be scalable.

The governor of the island, Ricardo Rossello, accepted the offer of Musk. At least one children’s hospital on the island is already running at full capacity thanks to the use of SolarCity technology. Now the plan they are working on with potential for the future is to divide the island into microgrids (smaller networks) dependent on solar energy. “We can start working dividing Puerto Rico into different regions and then starting to develop microgrids,” the governor explained to the US media. This will not solve the problem immediately, but they will do it faster and above all with cleaner and more sustainable technology.